• 2017-2019

    Historia de una familia

Buscarita Roa is a Plaza de Mayo abuela and this work is about her, her seven children and her countless grandchildren. Buscarita’s first son, Pepe Poblete, moved to Argentina in 1971 to access rehabilitation because a year earlier a train on the outskirts of Santiago had amputated his two legs. To reach her sons he took her six children and reached the city of Buenos Aires without means. She would never have imagined that within a few years she would have found herself under such a ferocious dictatorship. Her beloved Pepe, her daughter-in-law Gertrude and her little niece Claudia, only six months old, had disappeared.
The couple were captured in various times in 1978 in the Guernica barrio and detained in the Olimpo clandestine detention center where they were tortured and finally made disappear, it is assumed, with the notorious flights of Videla’s death. The child was appropriated in a system that was called a “systematic plan” by a colonel of the secret services and only after twenty years of incessant research was she found thanks to the tireless work of the association of abuelas of Plaza de Mayo, Buscarita and her uncle. This discovery and the process that followed marked the history of the town because starting from this historical fact the path was created for the judgments that had remained inconclusive in the inner stages. Meanwhile, the second daughter Lucy had emigrated with her husband to Chicago to escape the persecution of the Chilean dictatorship while the other children remained in Buenos Aires and continued their militancy and a life that was not always easy. A few years later Buscarita, always convinced that she was raised by her mother and an aunt, who died when she was only a teenager, discovered that she had a brother who they had been looking for years and also a sister.
Buscarita has always continued her struggle within the abuelas de Plaza de Mayo association with dedication and passion, bringing his voice and history to many countries around the world: Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Cuba (where he also met Fidel Castro), North America, Italy, France and many others. Today at the age of 83 he continues her struggle, with a thousand ailments.
My meeting with her dates back to the summer of 2017, when after obtaining permission to enter and interview the abuelas, I heard her asking this question: “Would you like to write the story of my life?”. Only two years later, in the summer of 2019, I managed to return to Buenos Aires and begin to tell her story, which is indeed a family story but also a collective story, that of an entire country that is still today making you have a dark past and the desire to fight to reach truth, memory and justice.